Questions About Gilda's Club? Here Are A Few We Get The Most.


How do I join?

It's simple. Please contact the club at 312-464-9900 to schedule a Customized Membership Plan. This 30-minute in-person appointment with a GCC staff person allows prospective members to determine if our programs are a good fit and allows staff to offer customized recommendations for how to get the most from a membership at Gilda’s Club Chicago. You are welcome to attend many activities at the Clubhouse with a quick RSVP, or you can join us for an activity in any of our partner hospital sites just by dropping by.

Can I attend activities before deciding to become a member?

Feel free to try an activity or two before deciding to become a member! Once you become a member, you will be able to have access to weekly support groups, submit to the member art gallery, and enjoy other special events throughout the year.

Where can I find parking near the Wells Street Clubhouse?

Free parking is available at Mart Parc Wells Self Park, 401 North Wells St.  Please inquire at the front desk upon sign-in, or ask a program staff member. 

What are the benefits of membership?

Those who become members have an opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss Gilda’s Club offerings. They also become eligible for a variety of perks such as participation in special events and giveaways. Only members are placed in weekly support groups.

Can I bring my children to activities that I want to attend?

Children and families are always welcome at the downtown Clubhouse and in most of the hospital activities. Family activities are offered for the participation of the entire family. If you are attending an activity that is not identified as a family activity, please contact the Clubhouse three business days or more prior to the activity to arrange for one of our trained Noogieland volunteers to provide Supervised Play for your child(ren) during the activity in order for you to attend.  Supervised Play is not guaranteed, but the more time we have to plan, the more likely we will have a volunteer on hand.

Is Gilda's Club only open to people currently in cancer treatment?

No, our program is offered to anyone impacted by any cancer diagnosis. This includes individuals living with cancer, their family members and friends, individuals who are post-treatment, and individuals who have lost someone to cancer.

Is Gilda’s Club only for women?

No. Men, women and children are all welcome to participate.

Is there a fee associated with membership?

No, membership is free! The process includes meeting one-on-one with a clinical staff member to answer any questions you have about our programs, learn more about your current situation, and link you with the programs that will best meet your interests and needs.

Does Gilda’s Club offer one-on-one counseling?

All of our activities are community-focused. At this time, we can refer you to other organizations or options for individual counseling.

What is the difference between a Wellness Group and a Networking Group?

Wellness groups are weekly support groups for men and women diagnosed with cancer. You must be a Gilda’s Club member and have been placed in a group to attend. Networking Groups are monthly opportunities to share information and experiences related to a specific type of cancer or a life situation. These groups are open to the public and often led by health care professionals.

What is Noogieland?

Named after the noogies that Gilda used to receive on “Saturday Night Live,” Noogieland is a special place in the main Clubhouse where kids can be kids, connect with other children and families, and see that they are not alone. We offer support to children, teens and families impacted by cancer through age-appropriate support and networking groups, social events, arts and crafts, and family activities. Our program is designed to be a place for children and teens to learn, play, care and share, all the while supported by our professional staff and trained volunteers.

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