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Becoming a Member is FREE and easy! 

  1. Fill out our Participant Information Form by visiting  
  2. Register and attend “Beyond the Red Door: Orientation” --These take place every Tuesday. Please register for this by visiting our calendar at  or by calling (312) 464-9900. At this Orientation, you will hear about our history, mission, philosophy and program. 
  3. Complete a Customized Membership Plan --You will schedule this at the end of the Orientation with the staff member leading the program. Here you will meet one on one with a member of our clinical staff to take a direct role in identifying your needs, gain an insight into what you want to achieve from participating in the Gilda's Club program, and to determine if there are any additional resources that can help you and learn how to access them. 

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In-Clubhouse (Currently Suspended due to COVID restrictions)

All of our program offerings are currently being held virtually on the Zoom platform.The first step to get involved with Gilda's Club Chicago is to make a reservation to attend an Information Session. Here, you will hear about our history, mission, philosophy and program. You will also have an opportunity to introduce yourself and meet others who are impacted by cancer, including family members and friends. To sign up for an Information Session, find a time that works best for your schedule on our calendar by clicking here ( link to this or call the Clubhouse at 312-464-9900.

Develop a Customized Member Plan

Next, if you want to become a member you will meet with our Program staff, at your convenience, to create your Customized Membership Plan (CMP) by making the program choices that suit your time, interests and energy best, By building this customized plan, you can:

  • Take a direct role in identifying your needs
  • Gain an insight into what you want to achieve from participating in the Gilda's Club program
  • Determine if there are any additional resources that can help you and learn how to access them
  • Get answers to your questions about Gilda's and what we do
  • Have access to the CancerSupportSourceSM distress screening tool
  • It's easy to join, and it's free. Click here for membership information

Free Membership with Priceless Benefits

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All the activities and educational events we offer are free to attend. With the support of the extensive professional community and our network of volunteers, Gilda's Club Chicago offers activities in five core areas.

  • Support Groups – Support groups cover the full spectrum – all age groups, members with a specific diagnosis, friends and family members of someone living with cancer and bereavement groups for members who have lost loved ones. The support provided by the Cancer Support Community is available to individuals and groups both in-person and online. Attending a Beyond the Red Door: Orientation and completing a Customized Membership Plan (CMP) are required prior to joining a group. Please sign up for an Orientation online or call the Clubhouse at 312-464-9900.
  • Education – Lectures and workshops, led by skilled professionals and physicians, provide information on a wide range of topics. These include programs for the classroom, the workplace and the community.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Our wide variety of activities include mind-body, stress-reduction programs, moderate exercise programs, art-related workshops, nutritional awareness and cooking demonstrations.
  • Social Connections – Parties and events promote interaction, play, and humor and can include potluck dinners, game days and holiday events for adults and children.
  • Resources and Referrals – Extensive resource materials are available, both at the Clubhouse and online, as well as personalized assistance in identifying resources in the community both locally and nationwide.
  • Additionally, we now offer the CancerSupportSourceSM screening tool to all members living with cancer and their caregivers–  CancerSupportSourceSM (CSS) is the first comprehensive distress screening program developed to integrate screening, referral and follow-up care, through a single, streamlined program. CSS provides the member with a Personal Support Care Plan including information and referrals for support services which can be emailed or printed at the Club or at home.  

Need Help Parking at One of Our Sites?

  • Gilda’s Club Chicago established a Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) to enable those impacted by cancer to access the supportive program provided at the main Clubhouse and/or the various hospital locations where Gilda’s Club Chicago currently conducts weekly programming.
  • This program is for members of Gilda's Club Chicago only. Contact Program staff at 312-464-9900 for more information about becoming a member and signing up for the program.
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