12:00pm Sit in Sound with Jay Taylor

Location: Gilda's Club Chicago Wells Street Clubhouse

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Re-harmonize your body and release stress with the help of crystal singing bowls.  The precise and powerful vibrations of each instrument help bring our cells into resonance.  When our cells are vibrating in harmony with each other we are calm, clear headed, focused, peaceful and healthy.  When our body is vibrating in dis-harmony we can feel anxious, short tempered, scattered, restless and uncomfortable.  If we remain in dis-harmony, a consequence of stress, it can compromise our digestive and immune systems, retention of information and even our ability to engage in restorative sleep at night.  Participants simply sit near the instruments and allow the produced vibrations to bring their body back into a state of harmony.  In order to receive the benefits from the sound you are not required to apply any techniques or hold any specific beliefs. 

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