6:00pm Cancer Transitions - Sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Location: Gilda's Club Chicago Wells Street Clubhouse

6:00pm - 8:30pm

RSVP Required - Attendance is required at each session.  For more details and registration, call Gilda's Club Chicago at (312) 464-9900 or email jamiewiener@gildasclubchicago.org

Sponsored by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Transitions is a 6-week workshop designed to help cancer survivors make the transition from active treatment to post-treatment care.  Expert panelists including physicians, nutritionists and fitness experts will discuss exercise tailored to each participant's abilities, training in relaxation and stress management, and tips for nutritious eating.  Cancer Transitions will answer many of your questions about cancer survivorship post-cancer treatment.  The course covers the following topics:

Session 1:  Get Back to Wellness:  Take Control of Your Survivorship

Session 2:  Exercise for Wellness:  Customized Exercises

Session 3:  Emotional Health and Well-Being:  From Patient to Survivor

Session 4:  Nutrition Beyond Cancer

Session 5:  Medical Management Beyond Cancer:  What you Need to Know

Session 6:  Life Beyond Cancer

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