Advances in Post-Mastectomy Physical Therapy Care

Location: Gilda's Club Chicago Wells Street Clubhouse

Is every movement an unwanted reminder of your battle with breast cancer?

Limited range of neck and shoulder motion, chest pain and burning sensations with arm movements can be common after surgery and some cancer treatments. We are now better able to determine who will benefit from seeing a physical therapist after surgery with interventions including instrumented soft tissue mobilization, nerve mobilization and breathing retraining techniques to address limitations and return you to full, pain-free movement. Whether your cancer treatment was months or years ago, this lecture will provide information on:

  • How to prevent loss of shoulder mobility
  • Techniques and strategies to improve range of motion
  • Review treatment options for improving scar tissue mobility

Presented by: Stephanie Penny, PT, DPT, OCS
Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy, PC

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