Take on Cancer Together

Published 1.1.2017

When Gilda’s Club Worldwide and The Wellness Community merged in 2009, we began operating under the Cancer Support Community umbrella. As our service area expanded internationally, we realized we needed a way to inform the public, including members and other stakeholders, that we are the same organization with the same mission. We are also cognizant of the strong brand awareness many affiliates have in their local market, and want to capitalize on that without diluting any brand recognition.  We formed an internal task force comprised of representatives from HQ and affiliates and also engaged an external agency, Social Capital Partners, who specializes in strategic partnerships.  Social Capital truly understood our challenge since they have worked with other organizations with similar structures. They encouraged us to focus on what we DO versus who we are.

The goal of the task force was to develop a call-to-action campaign that would unite the network and help explain to potential members/donors that we are connected, since our public-facing brands are different. This campaign would also help solidify our standing as the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide. Further, the campaign will help unite our brands and activate the power of our organization more broadly and in a unified manner – including our work on Capitol Hill and in healthcare institutions across North America. Aligning our messaging, especially through a call-to-action campaign, makes us stronger as an organization and helps increase our reach exponentially – to patients, donors, politicians, partners, etc.

The call-to-action campaign was developed using an iterative, feedback-intensive process:

  1. Started with 50+ call-to-action (CTA) phrase options
  2. Narrowed based on competitive territories, organizational attributes, and committee and stakeholder feedback
  3. Testing (qualitative and quantitative) led to final selections
  4. Stakeholder feedback drove final CTA wording and design selection

Deliverables of the campaign included a wordmark (graphic call-to-action phrase) as well as a toolkit with a variety of materials. Since storytelling is a powerful form of communication, we created a toolkit that can help us tell our story on a broader level, bringing added credibility to the affiliate network.

The wordmark will flexibly integrate into our network’s existing brand framework, in order to build the connection between who we are and what we do. The call-to-action should spur people to take action, to “Take on Cancer Together” – whether they wish to become a member, refer a friend, donate, volunteer, or get involved in other ways.


  • Increase in cancer support issue/need awareness, and connection of this awareness to the CSC/GC brand
  • Assist in new member acquisition
  • Increase in individual donations
  • Increase in provider referrals to participating affiliates
  • Engage corporate partners

At CSC/GC, we believe that everyone impacted by cancer deserves personal, evidence-based, compassionate care. Join us to Take on Cancer Together.

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