Rush University Medical Center

Healthy Lifestyle Activities

Albums of Hope

Customize your Album of Hope with beautiful photos and uplifting quotes provided, or bring your own photos/materials to add to the album. An Album of Hope brings a lift of spirit whenever you need it!

Art as Relaxation

Learn how to channel your inner creativity to produce beautiful works of art in different media as a form of expression and source of relaxation. Prior artistic experience is not necessary as everyone has artistic talent inside themselves. Learn origami and be surprised by the sense of accomplishment after making your first paper crane. Other art projects will be also featured, such as beading, tracing and postcard art.

Chair Yoga

Give yourself the benefit of deep breathing and a comfortable stretch. This is a gentle yoga which can be done while seated. It’s your chance to try yoga for the first time or to keep up your yoga practice

Courage to Quit® Smoking Cessation Program

Courage to Quit is a comprehensive group tobacco treatment program for adults. Program leaders provideinformation, practice skills, and support to help you reach your smoke-free goals.   Please call Lindsay Slomiany at 312-464-9900, ext. 111 to learn more or RSVP.


Challenge your mind and competitive spirit with a sociable game among friends. Laugh, think, and test your wits as we play such games as Yahtzee, Uno, Bananagrams, Catch Phrase and various card games. At the end of the day, we all feel like winners.

Jewelry Making

Here you will learn ways to create original accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more! The classes will offer an atmosphere of learning and support for those seeking to be creative.

Morning with Music

Free music concert offered by Caring Arts musicians.

Postcard Art

Make someone you care about a personal art postcard. Join with others to create a personalized mixed-media postcard to mail or keep. Bring your favorite memories. We will supply all materials and steps for success.

Scrapbooking Your Cancer Journey

Drop in and create a scrapbook that expresses your cancer journey. Meet others, relax, and get creative. Supplies provided.

T’ai Chi Chih®

T’ai Chi Chih promotes joy through movement with a modern technique based on ancient Chinese wisdom and 19 simple and slow gentle movements. T'ai Chi Chih is a mix of meditation and movement that has been shown to reduce stress. It can be done while sitting or standing and is fun to learn! For all ages and physical conditions, no special clothing required.

10 Minutes to Relaxation

Complete our four-part learning experience and become better-prepared for any of life’s ongoing challenges. Join us as we learn relaxation techniques to bring your mind and body into perfect balance and harmony.


Women of Color with Cancer

A monthly group for women of color to discuss issues facing us when living with cancer.

Caregiver Support Group

This group offers an opportunity to meet other family members or caregivers to share experiences and learn from others.

New Voice: Throat Cancer Social Group

This monthly group is an opportunity for throat cancer patients, survivors, family and friends to come together to share their experiences and resources in a social setting. The meeting
format is casual and allows the group to explore topics of their choice.


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