Cancer Experience Registry

Published 6.18.2015

What is the Cancer Experience Registry?

The Cancer Experience Registry is a unique online community. By joining the Registry and sharing your story, you can help the cancer community gain knowledge and insights about the social and emotional needs of patients, families and caregivers throughout the cancer journey. The Cancer Support Community will work with you, health care providers, and policy makers to use this information to inform the development of new programs, research and policies.

Who Can Join?

The Cancer Experience Registry is open to anyone impacted by a diagnosis of cancer, at any stage of their journey—patients and caregivers.

How Does it Work?

1) Visit the Cancer Experience Registry, Explore the Registry, get to know the community, review the resources and hear what other people have to say about their experience.

2) Register. Registration is easy. Just three simple steps: agree to informed consent, submit your email and select a primary diagnosis or caregiver status, and complete your profile.

3) Fill out the in-depth survey. The survey helps the Cancer Support Community, qualified health care providers and researchers better understand the needs of people impacted by cancer.

4) Be a part of the community. Once you join the Registry, you'll get regular updates from the Registry, news from the world of cancer research and treatment, new questions, the opportunity to comment on issues as they arise.

Why Participate?

  • Every person impacted by cancer has a unique and powerful story. The Cancer Support Community wants to provide a forum to tell those stories, share them and learn from them.
  • Every story is powerful on its own, but together those stories and voices become much more powerful. The information from the Cancer Experience Registry helps the Cancer Support Community identify the issues that are most important to you and use that information to fill the gaps in care and deliver improved services to the cancer community.
  • People impacted by cancer—patients and caregivers—are the experts in their care. The Cancer Experience Registry puts the patient experience and patient voice at the center.
  • For many people, healing comes from connecting with others. The Cancer Experience Registry is a place both for benefitting from that connection and for helping others

Join us. Tell others. Make sure your voice is heard.

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